Golf Rules

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1. Rules and Regulations

1.1 The JCC Maccabi Games Golf competition shall be conducted under the following rules and regulations for all age/gender groups except as they may be modified by the Sports Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Continental Governing Body (CGB).

1.2 The competition in golf shall be conducted in accordance with the United States Golf Association (USGA) rules and the rules of the local course(s) secured by the Host Community in force at the time of competition. In the event of a conflict between the USGA rules and the rules and regulations below, the JCC Maccabi Games rules shall apply and be binding. It is understood that play may be affected by the local course rules.

1.3 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community shall establish a Golf Committee, with an overall golf commissioner, to oversee and run the competition, and to resolve any controversies that arise. The decisions of the Golf Committee and/or the overall golf commissioner with respect to protests, disputes, and appeals shall be final. Protests must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the completion of a round, and shall relate solely to the interpretation of the rules.

1.4 Prior to the start of the Games all rules questions shall be resolved by the Golf Committee, in consultation with the SAC, in accordance with the USGA rules in force during the previous golf season (See Rule 1.2).

1.5 Yardage books should be allowed only if they are provided at no cost to all participants by the Golf Committee or golf course. In addition, any type of outside yardage aid devices are not allowed.

1.6 No coaching on the course by any credentialed member of the JCC Maccabi Games including spectators.

1.7 Rachmanus Rule–Rachmanus plays a key role in athletics and the JCC Maccabi Games. Compassion and good sportsmanship shall be displayed by athletes, coaches and spectators at all times during the JCC Maccabi games both on and off of the playing field.

2. Participants

2.1 Each delegation shall be allowed to bring a maximum of twelve (12) players.

2.2 Within the roster limit stated above, there shall be no limit on the number of players a delegation may enter in any age/gender group.

3. Competition Format

3.1 Players shall be grouped by submitted handicap/scores (through the online registration system) on the first day of competition, and those with the lowest handicap/scores shall have the first tee time. Pairings for the second and third round shall be based and determined by score and rank.

3.2 The tees from which each age/gender division shall play shall be determined by the Golf Committee. Girls play from the most forward tees. 13-14 Boys will play from the next furthest tees, with the 15-16 Boys playing from the next furthest.

3.3 Individual competition shall take place in the following age/gender groups:

  • Boys 13-14
  • Boys 15-16
  • Girls 16 & under

3.3.1 A minimum of three (3) players must be entered in an age/gender group for medals to be awarded.

3.3.2 In the event of a tie for the gold medal at the end of 36 holes, the USGA method of tie-breaking shall be applied.

3.4 Tournament scheduling guidelines:
(Note: 1 day will have short competition due to Day of Caring/Sharing)

3.4.1 Day one – Golfers are matched up by submitted handicaps in threesomes or foursomes depending upon total registration. 15-16 boys, 13-14 boys and if more than 2 girls, the third group will be 16 and under girls, otherwise they will golf with 13-14 boys. 18 Hole Medal play.

3.4.2 Day two – Golfers will be broken up into a Blue and a White group in each division based on their first day performance. 18 hole medal play. After day two, there will be three winners in each division based on 36 hole scratch total score.

3.4.3 Day three will be an 18 hole scramble. All golfers will be listed from lowest score to highest. The lowest score will be matched up with the highest score and the second highest with the second lowest and so forth through all the golfers. After they finish the first nine holes, the scores will be reviewed and the field will be divided into two divisions (Blue and White). If there are an odd number of athletes, the larger number will be in the B division.

3.5 On all three (3) days of competition, the following events will be held:

3.5.1 Longest Drive Competition (hole to be determined). Monitored by a volunteer. Medals awarded in each division.

3.5.2 Closest to the Pin Competition (hole to be determined). Measured/recorded by referee. No marker on green. Medals awarded in each division.

3.6 Starting times shall be announced by the Golf Committee. A player who misses his/her starting time shall be disqualified unless this is due to circumstances beyond his/her control as determined by the Golf Committee. A shotgun start is recommended if warranted because of heat or other conditions in the judgment of the Golf Committee.

3.7 The maximum score allowed per hole is three (3) strokes over par. A player shall pick up his/her ball at that point.

3.8 Players must register at the scorer’s table upon arrival. Score cards are to be distributed by the starter. Upon completion of play, players must sign their score cards and score cards must be attested before they are turned in at the scorer’s table. A player may not keep his/her own score card.

4. Dress and Equipment

4.1 Soft spike golf shoes and collars on shirts and blouses are mandatory. Smooth sole tennis shoes are also acceptable.

4.2 For girls, Bermuda shorts, golf slacks, or golf skirts are appropriate; halter or tank tops are prohibited. Boys shall wear dress shorts or golf slacks.

4.3 Each player is responsible for providing and caring for their own equipment. The Golf Committee may authorize the use of pull carts because of excessive heat, medical reasons or to speed up play. Carts should only be given out if there are enough for all the athletes.

4.4 A player may carry no more than 14 clubs (USGA rules).

4.5 A player taking part in the medal ceremony must wear shoes and his/her competition uniform.

5. Course Behavior and Spectators

5.1 Inappropriate behavior and language shall not be tolerated. Throwing clubs or similar actions will result in disqualification.

5.2 Spectators shall be allowed on the course, subject to local rules, and are required to maintain proper tournament decorum and not be allowed to give advice or encouragement to players. A spectator who fails to abide by these requirements shall be banned from the course.

5.3 Coaching is not permitted during the competition. Anyone giving advice during the course of play will be given one (1) warning, and banned from course for a second violation. Coaches will be provided with golf carts to monitor play if possible.

6. Medals

6.1 Medals shall be awarded in each age and gender division for:

  • 36 hole medal play
  • 18 hole scramble.
  • Long drive–one winner per age/gender group per 18 holes (Gold medal only)
  • Closest to pin—one winner per age/gender group per 18 holes (Gold medal only)

Note: Participants may only win closest to the pin and longest drive once during the Games.

First Place – JCC Maccabi Gold Medal
Second Place – JCC Maccabi Silver Medal
Third Place – JCC Maccabi Bronze Medal