Swimming Rules

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1. Rules and Regulations

1.1 The JCC Maccabi Games swimming competition shall be conducted under the following rules and regulations except as they may be modified by the Sports Advisory Committee (SAC).

1.2 The competition in swimming shall be conducted in accordance with the USA swimming rules for short course in force at the time of competition. In the event of a conflict between the USA Swimming Rules for Short Course and the rules and regulations below, the latter shall apply and be binding.

1.3 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community shall establish a Swimming Committee, with an overall swimming commissioner, to oversee and run the competition, and to resolve any controversies that arise. The decisions of the Swimming Committee and/or the overall swimming commissioner with respect to protests, disputes, and appeals shall be final. Protests must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the completion of the session, and shall relate solely to the interpretation of the rules.

1.4 Prior to the start of the Games all rules questions shall be resolved by the Swimming Committee, in consultation with the SAC, in accordance with the USA swimming rules in force during the previous swimming season (See Rule 1.2).

1.5 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community shall appoint a meet director and other registered Officials as necessary, including a certified starter, two certified stroke and turn judges and lifeguards. A minimum of two volunteers per lane are also recommended as backup timers.

1.6 Rachmanus Rule–Rachmanus plays a key role in athletics and the JCC Maccabi Games. Compassion and good sportsmanship shall
be displayed by athletes, coaches and spectators at all times during the JCC Maccabi games both on and off of the playing field.

2. Venue and Equipment Requirements

2.1 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community, acting through its Swimming Committee, shall ensure that the following venue and equipment requirements are met:

2.1.1 A 25 yard pool with starting blocks, non-turbulent lane lines, backstroke flags, and an automatic timing system with touch pads preferred. The depth of the pool at the start shall meet USA swimming specifications.

2.1.2 A 25 meter/50 meter pool is acceptable with the approval of the Sports Advisory Committee. If a 25 meter/50 meter pool is used, the USA Swimming Long Course Rules shall be relied on wherever the USA Swimming Short Course Rules are mentioned herein. It shall be the responsibility of the swimming committee of the host community to provide the delegations with a copy of the Long Course Rules. The coaches shall be responsible for explaining the differences between Long course and Short Course competition to their swimmers.

3. Participants

3.1 There shall be no limit on the number of competitors a delegation may enter in an event in each age/gender group.

3.2 There shall be no qualifying standards for competing in an event. The swimming committee of the host community has the option of limiting the 400 yard individual medley and the 500 yard freestyle to the fastest two (2) heats based on submitted times.

3.3 Only competitors entered by name, event, and entry time on the online registration system and confirmed by their delegation shall be allowed to compete. Times, but not event registrations, may be updated until two (2) weeks before the Games.

3.3.1 Deck entries shall not be permitted.

3.3.2 Entry times must be submitted for each competitor as if swum in a 25-yard pool, and may reflect official meet results, workout times, split times. The designation NT (No Time) is not acceptable.

3.4 A competitor shall be limited to no more than twelve (12) events, including relays, over the course of a three (3) and one half (1/2) day meet.

3.5 Each competitor shall be responsible for knowing the meet starting time, and shall report to the proper meet officials promptly upon call.

3.5.1 The Swimming Committee in conjunction with the SAC shall develop scratch procedures for individual and relay events, and the penalties for violation of these procedures.

4. Competition Format

4.1 Competition shall take place in the following age/gender groups: 13-14 Boys, 15-16 Boys, 13-14 Girls, 15-16 Girls.

4.1.1 A minimum of three (3) competitors must be entered in an individual event in an age/gender group for that event to be held. If there are less than three (3) competitors entered, the Swimming Committee, at its discretion, may run that event for combined age groups, i.e., Boys 13-16 and Girls 13-16, and award separate medals for each age group. The Swimming Committee, at its discretion, may also hold both an individual and relay event if only two (2) competitors or teams are entered and awarded medals for first and second place.

4.2 All relays will be swum as combined relays (i.e. relay teams made up of more than one (1) delegation. Delegations with two (2) or more swimmers may place up to two (2) swimmers on a relay team. NO relay team may have more than two (2) swimmers from the same delegation. No athletes may exceed 12 events throughout the course of the meet.

4.2.1 Relays will be swum in the following age/gender divisions:
Boys 13-14 Girls 13-14
Boys 15-16 Girls 15-16

*Note: if numbers do not permit for two separate age divisions, the host community, in consultation with the SAC may swim the relay as 16U.

4.2.2 All relays will be put together by both the host community swim commissioner and a representative of the SAC committee. Coaches/Athletes are required to submit all names of interested/eligible swimmers to the swim commissioner by 11am on the first day of competition in order to be included into the draw. No exceptions will be made.

4.3 Lane assignments for all events shall be determined by the procedures set forth in the USA Swimming Short Course Rules.

4.4 All events shall be run as timed finals.

4.5 The Starter shall give the starting signal when all competitors are stationary.

4.5.1 The no false start rule shall be in effect.

5. Events

5.1 Competition shall be made up of three days of long sessions, and one day of half session.

Long Session A:
50 Yard Free
200 Yard Breast
100 Yard Fly
500 Yard Free
200 Yard Medley Relay

Long Session B:
50 Yard Breast
200 Yard Free
100 Yard Back
400 Yard Individual Medley
400 Yard Free Relay

Long Session C:
50 Yard Back
200 Yard Fly
100 Yard Breast
200 Yard Individual Medley
200 Yard Free Relay

Half Session D:
50 Yard Fly
200 Yard Back
100 Yard Free
400 Yard Medley Relay

5.2 Every effort will be made to schedule the competition as follows: swim Long Session A, then B, then C in order, one session each day. Half session D is to be inserted on whatever day is shortened due to the day of caring and sharing.

6. Schedule

6.1 The Sports Advisory Committee in conjunction with the Organizing Committee of the Host Community, acting through its Swimming Committee, will order sessions in sequence to fit the Host Community’s Games schedule for the days of caring/sharing. The schedule is subject to approval by the SAC. The swim competition shall run over three (3) and 1/2 days.

6.2 The schedule shall provide for a warm-up period of approximately one (1) hour before the start of the first event.

7. Safety

7.1 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community, acting through its Swimming Committee, shall develop procedures governing the warm-up period based on the number of lanes and whether a separate warm-up pool is available.

7.2 A coach or a credentialed chaperone from the delegation must be on the deck during warm-ups. No more than two (2) lanes shall be designated for starting blocks and only during the last twenty (20) minutes of warm-ups. No starts shall be allowed in any other warm-up lane or at any other time.

7.3 Teams using the starting blocks must have a coach or credentialed chaperone at the starting blocks.

7.4 Only swimmers and authorized personnel are permitted on the deck at any time.

7.5 A swimmer failing to abide by the safety rules, including those established for the use of the pool during warm-up, shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Swimming Committee or the Meet Referee.

8. Dress

8.1 Clean and customarily acceptable one (1) piece, non-transparent swimming attire shall be worn by all competitors. If there is a question as to the acceptability of attire, the decision of the Meet Referee shall be final.

8.2 A competitor taking part in the medal ceremony must wear a SHIRT OR JACKET that identifies his/her Delegation.

8.3 Competitors shall not be permitted to shave down in the locker room at any time.

8.4 No jewelry shall be worn.

9. Medals

9.1 The following medals shall be awarded in both individual and relay events:

First Place – JCC Maccabi Gold Medal
Second Place – JCC Maccabi Silver Medal
Third Place – JCC Maccabi Bronze Medal

9.2 At its discretion, the Swimming Committee may award ribbons for finalists who finish fourth through eighth. The cost for such ribbons is borne by the Organizing Committee of the Host Community.

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