Table Tennis Rules

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1. Rules and Regulations

1.1 The JCC Maccabi Games Table Tennis competition will be conducted under the following rules and regulations except as they may be modified by the Sports Advisory Committee (SAC).

1.2 The competition in table tennis will be conducted in accordance with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) laws of Table Tennis in force at the time of competition. In the event of a conflict between the ITTF and the rules and regulations below, the JCC Maccabi Games rules shall apply and be binding. USATT approved tables will be sanctioned for use at all JCC Maccabi Games tournaments.

1.3 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community shall establish a Table tennis Committee, with an overall table tennis commissioner, to oversee and run the competition, and to resolve any controversies that arise. The decisions of the Table tennis Committee and/or the overall table tennis commissioner with respect to protests, disputes, and appeals shall be final. Protests must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the completion of a game, and shall relate solely to the interpretation of the rules.

1.4 Prior to the start of the Games all rules questions shall be resolved by the Table tennis Committee, in consultation with the SAC, in accordance with the ITTF rules in force during the previous table tennis season (See Rule 1.2).

1.5 Rachmanus Rule—Rachmanus plays a key role in athletics and the JCCMaccabi Games. Compassion and good sportsmanship shall be displayed by athletes, coaches and spectators at all times during the JCC Maccabi games both on and off of the playing field.

2. Venue and Equipment Rules

2.1 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community, through its Table Tennis Committee, shall ensure that the following venue and equipment requirements are met:

2.1.1 The table tennis venue shall be a large enough space so that play shall not be impeded and shall provide for spectators. Matches may not be played on a racquetball – sized court. Floor should be hardwood. Concrete or composition flooring is also acceptable, but not carpet or other cushioned surfaces. Barriers at least 2’6” high should be strategically placed to separate spectators from the playing area and to keep balls inside the playing area. If 2’6” high barriers are not available, some other type of suitable obstruction should be put in place to separate spectators from the playing area.

2.1.2 All equipment–tables, nets, racquets and balls shall meet ITTF standards. . USATT approved tables will be sanctioned for use at all JCC Maccabi Games tournaments. Tables and nets must be of tournament quality and subject to the approval of the sports advisory committee. Balls must be 40mm, 3 star orange balls only.

2.1.3 If possible, a certified referee shall be at the table tennis venue to make rulings and must be at least 18 years old.

3. Participants

3.1 Each delegation must identify its number 1, 2, 3, etc. athletes in order of ability. Include USATT ratings where available.

3.2 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community may petition the Sports Advisory Committee to establish a roster limit, but such a limit shall not be less than twelve (12), and there shall be no restrictions on the number of players a delegation may enter in any age/gender division within that roster limit.

4. Competition Format

4.1 Subject to final registrations, competition in table tennis shall include the following events:

4.1.1 Individual Events
Boys Singles (13-14 and 15-16)
Girls Singles (13-14 and 15-16)
Boys Doubles (13-14 and 15-16)
Girls Doubles (13-14 and 15-16)

4.1.2 Team and consolation events if time permits.

4.1.3 A player shall only play on one doubles team

4.1.4 Tournament scheduling guidelines:
(note: 1 day will have short competition due to Days of Caring/Sharing) Day one – Individual Singles preliminary competition Day two – Individual Singles and Consolation Singles competition Day three – Consolation Singles, Doubles competition Day four – Singles Medal Round, Doubles and Team competition

4.2 Competitive divisions and tournament format shall be determined by the Sports Advisory Committee in conjunction with the table Tennis Committee, upon the receipt of final registration. Preliminary rounds must use continuous play round robin format. Official USATT Round Robin draw sheets and match cards will be provided to the host city by the SAC Table Tennis Committee and must be used for tournament play.

4.2.1 In Doubles and Team competitions, groups of players will be formed based on a mix of ability levels, to be determined by the host site Table Tennis Sports Commissioner and his/her Committee.

4.3 Matches in the preliminary rounds shall consist of best three (3) out of five (5) games. Medal round matches shall consist of best four (4) out of seven (7) games. All games are to 11 points and games must be won by two (2) points.

4.4 All players are expected to check in fifteen (15) minutes before beginning of round robin time.

4.5 Each player shall be allowed a two (2) minute warm-up period before each match.

4.6 A player who fails to report by the scheduled time for his/her match or round robin time is subject to default unless the referee or a member of the Table Tennis Committee determines that the lateness is due to factors beyond the player’s control.

4.7 Once a match begins, play shall be continuous throughout the match. A player shall be entitled to a break of no more than one (1) minute between successive games.

4.8 Each player or team is allowed one (1) time out per match, lasting no more than one (1) minute.

4.9 At the conclusion of a match, both players must return balls to the desk, record the score, and check the draw board for their next match.

5. Dress

5.1 Clean and customarily acceptable table tennis attire shall be worn by all players, coaches, and officials.

5.2 All players shall wear solid non-yellow and non-orange shirts with no large lettering or printing on the front.

5.3 Questions regarding the acceptability of attire shall be resolved by the referee or table tennis committee, and his/her decision shall be final.

5.4 Players shall wear soft sole gym shoes.

5.5 A player taking part in the medal ceremony must wear shoes and his/her competition uniform.

6. Conduct During Competition

6.1 A player may receive advice from his/her coach, or authorized person they choose, only before warm up begins, during the 1 minute interval between games, and during a time out.

6.1.1 A coach or other person who gives advice at any other time shall be given one (1) warning. If warning is not heeded, the individual shall be required to leave the table tennis venue.

6.2 Players, coaches, and spectators shall refrain from behavior that may unfairly affect an opponent. Such behavior includes breaking a ball, hitting the table with the racquet, abusive language, or excessive shouting.

6.2.1 A player, coach or spectator whose conduct is deemed inappropriate shall be given one (1) warning without consequence. A second warning shall result in the awarding of a point to the opponent by the referee, umpire, or member of the Table Tennis Committee. A third warning shall result in the player forfeiting the match.

7. Medals

7.1 The following medals shall be awarded in singles, doubles, and team competition:

First Place – JCC Maccabi Gold Medal
Second Place – JCC Maccabi Silver Medal
Third Place – JCC Maccabi Bronze Medal

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