Track & Field Rules

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1. Rules and Regulations

1.1 The JCC Maccabi Games Track & Field competition shall be conducted under the following rules and regulations except as they may be modified by the Sports Advisory Committee (SAC).

1.2 The competition in Track & Field (T&F) shall be conducted in accordance with the USA Track & Field (USATF) competition rules-youth athletics in force at the time of competition. In the event of a conflict between the USATF rules and the rules and regulations below, the JCC Maccabi Games rules shall apply.

1.3 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community shall establish a Track & Field Committee, with an overall Track & Field commissioner, to oversee and run the competition, and to resolve any controversies that arise. The decisions of the Track & Field Committee and/or the overall Track & Field commissioner with respect to protests, disputes, and appeals shall be final. Protests must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the completion of a game, and shall relate solely to the interpretation of the rules.

1.4 Prior to the start of the Games all rules questions shall be resolved by the Track & Field Committee, in consultation with the SAC, in accordance with the USATF rules in force during the previous Track & Field season (See Rule 1.2).

1.5 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community shall appoint a meet director and other registered USATF Officials as necessary, including the referee and starter.

1.6 Rachmanus Rule–Rachmanus plays a key role in athletics and the JCC Maccabi Games. Compassion and good sportsmanship shall be displayed by athletes, coaches and spectators at all times during the JCC Maccabi games both on and off of the playing field.

2. Venue and Equipment Requirements

2.1 The Organizing Committee of the Host Community, acting through its Track & Field Committee, shall ensure that the following venue requirements are met:

2.1.1 400 meter all weather surface track with appropriate lane, event, and relay zone markings; an eight (8) lane, all weather, properly marked track is strongly preferred;

2.1.2 High Jump, Long and Triple Jump pits, and a Shot put circle with a toe board.

2.2 The Meet Director shall provide the following equipment, and ensure that such equipment is in good condition:

2.2.1 Starting blocks for each lane

2.2.2 Adjustable hurdles

2.2.3 Shot puts, at the proper weights

2.2.4 Automatic timing with hip numbers shall be used which shall pick and time the finishers, advance competitor to the next round, and select their lanes and print results of all races and field events. It is recommended to use a Finish Linx system or equivalent.

2.3 The Meet Director shall advise the participating Delegations and the T&F coaches, if possible, as to the maximum spike length allowed at the facility.

2.4 Each delegation is responsible for providing its own batons for relay races.

3. Competitors

3.1 There shall be no limit on the number of competitors a delegation may enter in an individual event in each age/gender group.

3.2 A competitor may not compete in more than FIVE (5) individual events plus two (2) age/gender group relays, two (2) coed relays, and one (1) sprint medley relay, for a maximum of ten (10) events with the following exception.

3.2.1 If an optional event is included in the program (See Rule 5.1) a competitor may enter one (1) additional individual event.

3.2.2 If the track & field competition is held as a one day or evening event, a competitor may not compete in more than four (4) individual events and two (2) relays.

3.3 There shall be no standards for entry in to any event.

3.4 All scratches and additions shall be made each morning at trackside at 8:30 a.m. The sole exception shall be for the events of Monday, which shall be done during the mandatory delegation head meeting held on the Friday prior to the Games.

3.5 Each Delegation may only enter one (1) relay team in each age/gender group and coed relay, composed only of competitors from their Delegation with the following exception. A boys’ relay team in either age group may include one (1) girl competitor. Boys may not compete on a girls relay team. Combined relay teams, i.e., relay teams made up of runners from several delegations, shall be allowed. A competitor who runs on a delegation relay in a relay event shall not run on a combined relay in that same event.

The track & field committee of the host community shall make up mixed relay teams through a blind draw under procedures established by the SAC. In making up such teams, deference shall be given to competitors who cannot run on a delegation relay because of the size or composition of their delegation. Under no circumstances shall coaches be allowed to submit combined relay teams.

A separate mixed relay event shall be held provided at least two (2) combined relay teams can be formed in any age/gender or coed relay. If it becomes necessary to speed up the meet, the delegation relay and the combined relays can be run together, provided there are sufficient lanes with separate medals awarded to each.

3.6 Only competitors entered by name, event, and time/distance on the online registration site and confirmed by an athlete’s delegation head by JULY 1ST may compete in an event. This rule does not apply to track & field competition held as a one day or evening event that is open to all athletes or under Rule 4.2.1 below.

4. Competition Format

4.1 Competition shall take place in the following age/gender groups13-14 Girls, 13-14 Boys, 15-16 Girls, 15-16 Boys.

4.1.1 Age/gender groups shall not be combined in any event with the exception of the 1500m and 3000m. In these events, boys and girls in the same age group shall be allowed to run together at the discretion of the Track & Field Committee.

4.1.2 In both individual and relay events, competitors in the younger age group can compete in the older age group (See General Sports Rules, Rule 2.2.1). A younger athlete cannot compete in the same individual event in both the 13-14 and 15-16 age groups.

4.2 Events that will be held only if at least three (3) competitors are entered in the event. This rule may be waived by the Meet Director in the interest of maximizing participation.

4.2.1 The Track & Field Committee may accept new registrations the day of the event if it appears that the event will be canceled because of a lack of competitors.

4.2.2 At his/her discretion, the Meet Director may hold an individual or relay event with only two (2) competitors or two (2) teams.

4.3 In the 100m, 200m, 400m, 100m hurdles and the 110m hurdles, competitors (if numbers of entries warrant) shall advance from preliminary rounds to finals USATF Youth guidelines..

4.3.1 If there are not enough entrants to warrant heats, the event shall be run as a final at the time and date scheduled, i.e., the prelim will be canceled.

4.3.2 Rule 4.3 may not apply when the track & field competition is held as a one day or evening event. In such a competition, all events may be considered finals, and the top three places shall be determined by time.

4.4 The high jump, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 2000m Steeplechase and all relays.

4.4.1 The starting height for the high jump and the increment for raising the bar shall be established for each age/gender group by the Track & Field Committee.

4.4.2 The waterfall start shall be used for the 800m, 1500m, 2000m Steeplechase and 3000m with a maximum of two (2) competitors per lane. If the number of competitors exceeds the number that can be safely accommodated given lane size and track conditions in the judgment of the Track & Field Committee, the events can be run in two (2) sections, with slower section, based on submitted times, going first.

4.5 Each long jump, triple jump, and shot put competitor shall be allowed four (4) attempts without any final attempts.

4.5.1 Rule 4.5 may not apply when the track & field competition is held as a one day or evening event. In such a competition, each long jump and shot put competitor shall be allowed three (3) attempts.

4.5.2 A six (6) pound shot shall be used by 13-14 Girls; a four (4) kilo shot shall be used by 13-14 Boys and 15-16 Girls; 15-16 Boys shall use a twelve (12) pound shot.

4.6 Seeding and lane assignments in all running events shall be based on times submitted through the online registration system and confirmed for each competitor by the delegation (See Rule 3.6).

4.7 The order of competition for each event shall be 13-14 Girls, 13-14 Boys, 15-16 Girls, 15-16 Boys.

4.8 The order in which individuals compete in all field events shall be determined by the Track & Field Committee based on a blind draw.

4.9 Lane assignments for all relay events shall be determined by the Track & Field Committee based on a blind draw.

6. Events

5.1 Track & field competition shall include the following events :

Please note that field events begin at the same time as the first running event. Meet officials are urged to give breaks before events as necessary to give athletes more time to recover.

Track Events – Field Events

3000m, FINALS
400m, Trials
(Break – 30 minutes)

2000m Steeplechase, FINALS – SHOT PUT
800m, FINALS
100m, FINALS

1500m, FINALS
400m, FINALS
(Break – 30 minutes)

(Break – 30 minutes)
SPRINT MEDLEY RELAYS (200-200-400-800)
(Break – 30 minutes)

6. Schedule

6.1 The Sports Advisory Committee in conjunction with the Organizing Committee of the Host Community, acting through its Track & Field Committee, shall develop a schedule for track & field competition based on the rules governing competition format and the events listed above.

6.2 Competition held over two (2), three (3), or four (4) days are only open to athletes who are registered as track & field participants; competition held on one day or as an evening event is open to all registered athletes.

7. Dress

7.1 All competitors must where appropriate track and field attire consisting of a shirt and shorts.

7.2 A competitor taking part in the medal ceremony shall wear shoes and the top of the Opening Ceremonies Uniform.

7.3 All competitors shall comply with spike length requirement set by the Meet Director.

7.4 No Jewelry shall be worn.

8. Medals

8.1 The following medals shall be awarded in both individual and relay events:

First Place – JCC Maccabi Gold Medal
Second Place – JCC Maccabi Silver Medal
Third Place – JCC Maccabi Bronze Medal

8.2 At its discretion, the commissioner may award ribbons for finalists who finish fourth through eighth. The cost for such ribbons, are the responsibility of the Organizing Committee of the Host Community.

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