JCC Maccabi Terms to Know


Select this registrant type if you are 13-16 years of age and have been advised by your Delegation Head that you have been accepted to your JCCs team.

Adult Staff
Select this registrant type ONLY if you are a coach, delegation head, assistant delegation head or a chaperone for your delegation. ALL Adult staff will also have to complete a mandatory background check on a separate website. See “Background Check” for more information.

Arrivals Volunteers
Greeting delegations at the airport and/or JCC upon their arrival and leading delegations through the process of dropping off luggage, team photos, picking up gift bags and meeting their host families.

Athletics Volunteer
Work with on-site Sports Commissioners to facilitate the Athletics throughout the week to include scorekeeping, timing, runners, and dance assistants.


Background Check
All adult staff that are registered to participate in JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest are required to undergo a background check via our registration system.


Continental Committee on Conduct orCCOC
Subcommittee of the Operations and Support Team (OST) that handles all behavioral matters that may occur during JCC Maccabi Games and Artsfest.

Coca Cola
Continental Sponsor of the JCC Maccabi Games.

The individual that is assigned to a specific sport to coach the athletes.

Code of Conduct
Rules that teens must follow while participating in the JCC Maccabi Games.

Confirmation Kit
A packet that teens must complete with their parents. This packet includes the Code of Conduct, a signature page and a medical form.

Continental Delegation
A JCC Maccabi Games delegation run by the host JCC for teens that do not live within one hour traveling time of a participating JCC.

Closing Party Volunteer
Assist with evening activities to ensure safe, fun and well run event. Volunteer tasks will include set-up, chaperones, and assisting with host family pick-up at the end of the night.


The JCC that you going with to JCC Maccabi Games.

Delegation Head
The person that is in charge of the Delegation. Can be contacted at the local JCC.

Departures Volunteers
Assisting the delegations when they leave from the JCC on Thursday night or Friday morning.


In order to participate in the Games, you must be Jewish and 13-16 as of July 31 the year of the Games.


Facilities volunteers will assist with set up of tables, chairs, tents and assist the venue director in providing any needed equipment at the venues.


Host Community
The JCC that is hosting the Games and/or Artsfest.

Hang Time is a specific location at the Games where athletes can stop by to hang out with other athletes and enjoy downtime from sports and participate in a variety of activities ranging from Dance Dance revolution, sports, board games, educational games about Israel, and Jewish sports history.

Hospitality Volunteers
Staff Hospitality tables to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for visitors and to ensure that individuals have information about the JCC Maccabi Games and the local area. Volunteers will also supervise the hospitality room at the JCC ensuring snacks are replenished.


JCCA or JCC Association
Jewish Community Center Association of North America

JCC Cares
The JCC Cares program is time when the teens take a break from their sport and give back to the host community by participating in a social action, “mitzvah” project.

JCC Host Staff
Select this registrant type if you WORK at the JCC and you are involved with the Games. If you are planning to house any athletes/artists then you should select the registrant type JCC Host Staff/Host Family.


The level that the food is required to be in order to be served at the Games and Artsfest.


Local Court of Honor


Mixed Teams
An opportunity for those delegations unable to fill their own team in a certain sport to send some athletes to participate in a team sport with athletes from another delegation.

Maccabi Central
Maccabi Central is the administrative office during the week of the Games. Volunteers here will assist with office duties such as copies, phone calls, filing, and printing credentials.

Ensure medical attention is available to any credentialed participant and ensure proper care for injured athletes in regard to participation, etc. Volunteers signing up to have a medical assignment during the week of the Games must have pre-approval from Medical Chair.


Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies is the event that signifies the beginning of the Games and includes the parade of athletes. Volunteers will assist with organizing and supervising visiting delegations, and ushering guests and VIPs to proper seating.

Operations and Support Team for JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest.


Same as a sister city. See sister city


Registration Volunteers
Registration volunteers will make and distribute credentials for late arriving spectators and athletes who lose their credentials.


Sports Advisory Committee

Sister City
Athletes that come from Israel that are from a delegations sister city and participate with the delegation at the Games.

Steering Committee
Group of individuals that are the Chairs of the committees noted on the Organizational Chart.

Style Guide
Specific guidelines on how to use the Games logo appropriately.

Security Volunteer
Security volunteers are responsible to ensure that only credentialed participants are permitted entry to the games and will check credentials and bags at the door. They will also assist uniformed officer and/or other security volunteers to ensure security at venues. All specific security volunteer tasks will be assigned by the Security Chair.


Transportation helper
Help athletes get on the buses at a venue.

Transportation Volunteer
Transportation volunteers are responsible for the supervision of transportation systems and assistance of athletes and coaches as needed. Volunteers tasks may include: assisting athletes to find their bus based on their delegation, sport or destination and communicate transportation/bus needs to Transportation Chairperson.


Volunteer and/or Host Family
Select this registrant type if you reside in the Host Community and plan to either volunteer for either program and/or if you are going to be a host family. NOTE: Host Families must house at least two athletes/artists.

Venue Volunteer
Venue Volunteers will assist with any problems that arise including with spectators and assist venue director in all aspects of the Operations of the venue.

VIP Reception Volunteer
VIP Reception volunteers are responsible for the smooth execution of Reception. They will assist with set-up, greet and check-in VIPs, and ensure that the reception area is neat and clean.