More Stories – Parents

Become Part of a Jewish Community

“My daughter became very close with her teammates from her team. Since our school does not have a significant amount of Jewish kids, I love that she is forming bonds with these girls.”

“I volunteered during the games and met wonderful people from around the country, the world, and my own community. I have never seen so many young Jewish children actively engaged in sport before in my life. All seemed to get along, despite differing levels of religious commitment. What a treat.”

“Our son had not wanted to go….as he did not know anyone he would room with, or his hosts, and very few kids on his team. He also had been gone most of the summer and was hardly able to make any practices. Because he attends a non Jewish private school we felt it was very important for him to go. His complaining made me question my decision so I asked his older sister, now a sophomore in college, if I was doing the right thing. She said her JCC Maccabi years, after Jewish camp, was one of the most defining Jewish experiences in her life! Wow!”

“We hosted three girls from Israel for two weeks because they arrived early in order to practice with teams in Dallas as member of the Dallas dance and swim teams. We got to know all 7 of the kids from Israel who came early- and we shopped, spent Shabbat together, ate, went to amusement parks, played laser tag and bowled together during our week before and weekend after the games. Now my 15 year old definitely wants to go to Israel next summer because she has good friends from Israel to visit. Meanwhile, my three kids also had a total blast during Maccabi and at the swim meet. The Games were well organized and very fun. I enjoyed being a host and I also volunteered every day. We got a lot out of it! It was great to experience it in our home town. Now that I know the games, I am willing to let my kids travel to attend them next summer.”

“My daughter particularly enjoyed meeting teens from Israel.”

Working Together to Compete

“My son took a very nice beginning bowler under his wing (so to speak) and helped him improve his score significantly and together they won a silver medal in the doubles bowling event.”

“The Dallas u16 boy’s soccer was playing Memphis & winning 5-0 before the half. Memphis knew they were defeated and asked to play the rest as a ‘friendly’ game. They had SO MUCH Fun. The Memphis goalie put a blind fold on! The boys threw the ball in lying on their backs! When we scored on them they would cheer and hug our guys. True Rachmanus!”

“I truly enjoy watching teens from all over the country and the world interact with each other. My son made friends with players from not only within this country but others as well. After the opening ceremony, all of my players were all speechless. My son came to me and said, ‘Daddy, I’ll never forget.’ That was it for me. We had a great week.”

“There isn’t just one story….there are many stories as David talks about his experiences as the days go by. Whether he mentions the peers or his host family, the many medals he brought home and the stories that went with them or the parties, all those fantastic memories will live with him for a long, long time, and that’s what matters.”

“My son loved the family he stayed with. They were amazing hosts and took in 4 boys from two cities even though they had a daughter and she has learning needs that have her in a special school. On the first day, our son introduced himself to whom he thought was another sister, but she answered that she was the chef! On family night, his hosts had 75 people come for swimming and dinner. He had a great time and said it was fun and a very nice environment. He went to the Games not knowing anyone where he was staying….and came out with an amazing time and many new friends from Miami and one from Houston he would have never met. They kept a kosher home and went out of their way….they made dinners late at night when they boys returned, got them slushies after being picked up at night and took them right to their games in the morning so they could sleep in a little. The mom even called me saying she was upset she couldn’t figure out how to make all the games for all her kids. The dedication of his coach and parents running the games and especially hosts make such an impact on the kids. We were so lucky and appreciative for all they did. We are thrilled with his experience.”

“I did not attend but my son had a wonderful and was convinced he had the best host family. He wanted to go back to Dallas for another week and is willing to stay in training and on the local swim team for another year so that he can participate next year.”

“Socially the 2nd year of the JCC Maccabi experience was a huge success. The fact that many people recognized my daughter enabled her to make many new friendships. The swim competition was held in the newly completed 6 lane, 25 yard pool at the Dallas JCC, so many more athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators were able to watch the exciting competition.”

“We hosted 3 very lovely young ladies from New Orleans. They were the most delightful girls I have met in a long time. They bonded with my children and made what I hope are life-long friendships.”