Midot Moments: Robby’s Shot at Glory

robbyRobby Reetz, age 14, a basketball player from Chicago, came to the 2014 JCC Maccabi Games in Boca Raton, FL after finishing his final rounds of chemo just a few months earlier. While he was still recovering, he wasn’t going to miss his chance to come to JCC Maccabi with his teammates.

Robby spent a lot of time cheering his team on and acting as a motivational mascot since he physically could only play for short periods of time. The team, as it turned out, was very successful during competitions and made it to the semifinals round where they found themselves in a tie game with possession of the ball and only seconds on the clock. With the game on the line, Robby hit the court. Someone passed him the ball, and he landed the game-winning shot, propelling his team to the gold medal game, which they went on to win.

After the game, Robby’s coaches, and Mike Gordon from the JCC Maccabi staff, got together with the team and awarded him a midot medal for lev tov (big hearted), rina (joy), ga’ava (pride). Robby, his coaches, and teammates were all moved and so excited for him. And the midot medal meant as much to him as the team gold.