What do JCC Maccabi and the Passover Seder have in common?


The Passover Seder shares the story of the Exodus in an engaging way by creating a space for getting together, storytelling, and sharing symbolic foods. One of the highlights of celebrating Passover can be inviting those without an invitation to join in celebration with your family. It gives each one of us, even the youngest at the table, a meaningful role in their Jewish experience.

JCC Maccabi does the same thing.

It provides a space to celebrate being Jewish, explore Jewish values, and share Jewish memories together. Our recent JCC Maccabi Jewish Impact Survey confirms what our teens tell us each year: The most impactful part of the JCC Maccabi experience is the power to bring together Jewish teens, some just like them and others very different, from across North America and around the world. This changes the way these participants think about themselves and their place in the global Jewish Community.

Happy Passover from your extended JCC Maccabi family!